Volunteers needed as busy days for Mammomobile in India

We have been fundraising but there is still a long way to go.

I (Shadi) am still in Berlin and the Mammomobile project has become the main activity besides my daily work, involving reaching out to many, many organisations and individuals.

Ever since my arrival in Berlin I have been getting in touch with artists in my community. I am so grateful and pleased that some have joined and others have agreed to support Mammomobile.

The wonderful Suzanne Russell from District 10 Houston, also kindly disseminated a short explanation of the Mammomobile project on their website and newsletter on February 20th. We are working on further ways of working more closely with the District Governor, Suzanne own club President in Houston, and a number of other relevant NGOs, such as Zonta Club Berlin, where I gave a presentation at their monthly meeting.

We are grateful for all the positive responses and would look forward to any help readers and well-wishers can offer with support, advice, publicity, contacts and fund raising

I’ve also met with some lawyers and a fundraiser in Berlin to take the plan forwards further.

Help required

One project we are currently working on is to set up a charitable non-profit association (Eingetragener Gemeinnütziger Verein, in German) for the benefit of the Mammomobile India project. This requires a bit of paperwork, and notably we also need two presidents, a vice-president, a deputy president and a secretary, one treasury person and accountant and three extra members.

We are a little short of those numbers right now and would welcome independent creative women and men who can help fill some of these roles. Please click here to get in touch if you can help.

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